To take advantage of our great hosting service you must have a domain name, you will need to point your domain name to our name servers, you can do this in your current domain name control panel, change your current name servers to ours and bring your domain name to life. 

Our Name Servers:
• name server 1.(
• name server 2. (

I don’t have a domain name can I purchase one from you?

Yes: If you don’t have a domain name and you would like us to take care of the whole process then no worries! we can purchase your domain name for you at the lowest available market price and set up your domain name and hosting package in one, just email us the available domain name of your choice and we will send you the quote.
Domain Transfer:
For a or other UK TLD:
 You need to ask your existing domain provider to change the IPSTAG on the domain to ours which is 'UNLIMITED'. Once this has been completed, the transfer will continue.
For a .com, net, .org or other TLD:

The admin contact on the WHOIS information for the domain will receive an email asking for the transfer code. Once the transfer code has been entered at the link provided in the email the transfer will continue.
Like us to take care of your domain name registration?
No worries! we will search for the very best quote for your domain name and transfer it to us for you so you don't have to do anything except wait for the transfer process to complete.

Domain transfers typically take 28-48 hours.