Common Q&A

Most Commonly Asked Questions:
How Do I Access My Plesk Control Panel ?
Your Client Control Panel is located at:
Enter the your client username and the password you’ve been given with your account setup instructions.
For example, if your domain name is:
Your Client Control Panel is accessible at:
Your Client username/password have been provided in the setup email we sent you when you set up your account.
Important: The control panel is accessible only via a secured connection, if you type http:// instead of https://, you’ll see a message saying you don’t have access.
If you forgot your password, you can use the password reminder to have it sent to your email address.
How do I upload My Website?
The best way to upload your files and directories is by using an FTP (File Tranfer Protocal) cliant software like Filezilla it’s free and easy to use and you can find it here
However you can also upload and transfer files using your file manager in your plesk control panel either method will work fine.
How Do I Access My Webmail
To access your webmail simply type ( in your browser and your webmail login dialog box will appear, so if your domain is( you would type, you will need to create at least one email account from within your control panel and set a username and password befor you can use your Webmail.