Knowledge Base

Here you will find answers to the most common questions including email set up, database creation, domain transfer, FTP file transfer and your control panel/Cpanel.

Our Name Servers
To take advantage of our great hosting service you must have a domain name, you will need to point your domain name to our name servers, you can do this in your current domain name control panel, change your current name servers to ours and bring your domain name to life:  Our Name Servers:
• name server 1.(
• name server 2. (

I don’t have a domain name can I purchase one from you?

Yes: If you don’t have a domain name and you would like us to take care of the whole process then no worries! we can purchase your domain name for you at the lowest available market price and set up your domain name and hosting package in one, just email us the available domain name of your choice and we will send you the quote.

Accessing My Plesk Control Panel ?

Your Client Control Panel is located at:
Enter the your client username and the password you’ve been given with your account setup instructions. For example, if your domain name is:
Your Client Control Panel is accessible at:
Your Client username/password have been provided in the setup email we sent you when you set up your account.
Important: The control panel is accessible only via a secured connection, if you type http:// instead on https://, you’ll see a message saying you don’t have access.
If your forgot your password, you can use the password reminder to have it sent to your email address.

FTP File Manager

We recommend using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload your files to the server, ftp is a client software that you can often download for free and is the fastest and most efficient way of managing your server files as well as files on your local machine, FileZilla is a free ftp client software.
File Manager: You can also manage your root directory files within your Plesk Control Panel by clicking on File Manager under Websites And Domains.


To create emails addresses log into your control panel at and click on Mail next to Websites & Domains then click on create email, set a password for the new email account and click ok,
you can now use this email address and access it through either Webmail or be configured for use on your local machines mail client software such as Mail for Mac or Outlook Express.


To create a MySQL/db log into your control panel and click on Websites & Domains then click on Databases,
click on add new database and give your new database a name and click ok, you now need to add a new user for the database,
click on add new database user and set your username and  password then click ok, that’s it your new MySQL database has been created.


To access all your available applications log into your control panel and click on Applications, on the left side menu there are three main catogories,
Features Applications – All Available Applications And Manage Installed Aplications
Click on All Available Applications to see all the applications available.


For a or other UK TLD:
You need to ask your existing domain provider to change the IPSTAG on the domain to ours which is ‘UNLIMITED‘. Once this has been completed, the transfer will continue.
For a .com, net, .org or other TLD:
The admin contact on the WHOIS information for the domain will receive an email asking for the transfer code. Once the transfer code has been entered at the link provided in the email the transfer will continue.
Domain transfers typically take 28-48 hours.